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Looking for a design solution with the personal edge? Let's talk!


With over 10 years experience in the field of design, I'm always excited to work with the people on the problem right through to the solution. In essence, I love bringing other's ideas to fruition visually.

After having worked as a senior designer at an internationally renowned paleontology museum, I tend to approach all design with the same process; make the message accessible by distilling complex content down into chunks – whether it be written or through forms, colours, and typographical hierarchies.


It also comes down to listening. Design isn't solely about if the end result is "pretty", but ensuring the solution in fact solves the problem. It's about listening to the client, the audience, the team, and then with every draft, getting a better understanding of how to clarify and distill further. It's a team effort and I feel very privileged to have teamed up with some of the most talented people around (both as clients and collaborators) to make some really awesome stuff.

What's next? I believe you need to be a sponge in order to be happy and successful in any profession so I'm now delving further into the strategy side of things through content creation. Again, applying the museum experience in terms of how an audience accesses information, but through voice instead of physical space.

Having been a volunteer with the Calgary-based community Chic Geek, a community of women and men who support and celebrate women at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship, I'm continually learning and growing my network of talented individuals for collaboration to offer the best solutions possible. It's been an honor and a privilege to work up through the organizations who value communication as key.


It's an exciting time.


- kimberley, owner and idea grower            

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